Monday, November 6, 2017

[EVENT] IMCY Booth at Hodogaya International Festa 2017

This year, we are going to have an Aroma Slime Workshop for families!!
Please come visit our booth at the Hodogaya International Festa 2017.

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

at Iwama Shimin Plaza (2 min walk from Sotetsu Tennocho station or 10 min walk from JR Hodogaya station)

Hodogaya International Lounge

Google Maps

Our booth will be on the 4th floor and starts at 11AM as usual!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

[EVENT] IMCY Events in October-December 2017

Here're the official events and workshops held by IMCY team in Oct-Dec 2017 term.

1) Aroma Slime Making Trial
October 23rd (MON) 10:00-11:00
at 4F Clean Center building in Minatomirai
(Yokohama Citizens Empowerment Center)

Fee: Free
Registration Required. Please go to Contact and send e-mail to IMCY admin team with your name, contact and the age of your children if you bring any. No babysitter attending, so please watch your children.
Deadline: October 20th (FRI)

2) Hodogaya International Festa 2017
November 19th (SUN) 11:00-15:00
at 4F Iwama Shimin Plaza

IMCY team is going to have a booth as always. We are going to sell handmade/imported/second-hand items and having the Aroma Slime Workshop (the material cost will be charged).

*The workshop will be closed at 14:30~45. You don't need to make a reservation but since our time and material are limited, please come early to have a seat!

There are many more attractions, food stands and performances.

3) IMCY Cooking party
December 2nd (SAT) 12:00-14:00
at Furocho Chiiki Care Plaza
3F multi-purpose room and kitchen

We haven't decided what to cook yet, but something for the festive season.

Registration required. Please go to Contact and send us email (your name, children's age, number of your company, your contact and allergy information).

Thursday, September 28, 2017

[EVENT] Halloween in Yokohama 2017


Yokohama Yamate Halloween Walk 2017
29th (SUN) 10:00-16:00
Halloween Stamp trail and costume contest etc.
Halloween decorations at Yamate Western Houses 21st to 31st

Royal Wing DJ Halloween Cruise
from 28th to 31st
Dinner cruise 17:00-18:50,  19:30-21:20
Men: 7500 yen/person  Women: 6500/person
Elementary schooler: 3500 yen, preschooler: 1500 yen
(boarding ticket, buffet and welcome drink included)

Motomachi Halloween 2017

29th Dog Halloween(first 50 groups)
13:15- Dog seminar
15:00- Dog parade (reg. from 13:00 at event desk)
31st Kids Halloween  16:00-


Mitsubishi Minatomirai Museum
28th - 30th, admission free if you are in Halloween costumes
Halloween craft workshops (charged)

World Porters Surprise Halloween 2017
October 28th (SAT)
Costume Parade with Sylvanian Families
12:10- from Nippon Maru Memorial Park
First 100 kids (2-12 years old)

Halloween Rally
Trick or Treating (costumed, under 12 y-olds only)


Yokohama Bay Quarter Halloween

Kids Halloween Parade

October 22nd (SUN)
0~1 y-olds 11:30-
2~6 y-olds 14:30-
about 50 groups each

Shin Yokohama

Halloween Festival Jack O Land 2017
21st and 22nd at Yokohama Arena
Ticket free for preschoolers and younger, 1200 yen (1000 yen for Yokohama residents) for elementary to adult

Kawasaki Halloween 2017

October 28th
-Halloween Kids Parade (registration required, free of charge)

October 29th
-Halloween Parade (ticket required ¥1000, 2500 people, elementary school and up, 13:30-14:45)
and more!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

[LESSON] Japanese Culture Lessons for Everyone みんなの日本文化教室

"Minnna no Nihon Bunka Kyoshitu" is an organization that provides Japanese culture lessons almost every month based in Kanazawa ward.

Their lessons are open for everyone, no matter where you are from or what language you speak. The lesson is conducted mostly in Japanese, so it would be great if you speak basic Japanese, but they're hands-on lessons, so you don't really have to speak Japanese (of course, basic English should be necessary to communicate with others). 

The founder of the organization is a professional Kimono dresser in Yokohama. She wants to provide a lot of opportunities to casually learn and experience Japanese tradition and culture. 

Here's the summery of each event in 2017 term:


How to put on Yukata (summer kimono) like real kimono

September 19th (TUE) 10:30AM-1:30PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

It’s the end of the Yukata season. Why don’t we try to wear it like real kimono?
*Yukata is a simplified version of kimono for summer.
We’ll prepare a collar for yukata together and then you will learn how to put on yukata and tie the obi belt. 

Fee: 1000 yen

What to bring: Yukawa, 5 kimono cords, 2 towels, geta sandals, tabi socks, a tenugui clothe, a collar core, a sewing set, an obishime cord or some decorative cord, a hadajuban (top underwear for kimono) or a camisole, a susoyoke (bottom underwear like petticoat) or leggings, and something to tie your hair


Tsumami Zaiku (pinch-craft) workshop

October 4th (WED) 10:30AM -12:30 PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

We are going to make two flower pins (or hairpins). They are perfect accessories for occasions when you wear kimono, or even for your bags.

We invite a special Tsumami craft artist as an instructor. 

Fee: 2000 yen


Easy Do-It-Yourself Japanese traditional hair dressing

November 8th (WED) 10:30AM-12:30PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

We are going to learn how to dress your hair in the traditional Japanese way from the teacher who runs a Japanese cafe and spends most of the time wearing kimono.

Fee: 500 yen

What to bring: a comb, a mirror, and some Japanese hair accessories 


Furisode Try-On

December 4th (MON) 10:30AM-12:30PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

Furisode is a very formal kimono for single women. Even native Japanese people have less opportunity to wear it. This time, no matter if you’re married or not, let’s try on Furisode!

Fee: For those who want to wear Furisode 500 yen
For those who want to put Furisode on others 500 yen

What to bring: Those who want to wear Furisode: tabi socks, 3 towels, a hadajuban underwear or camisole, and a susoyoke underwear or leggings (a set of Furisode if you have)
Those who want to put Furisode on others: a set of Furisode


Learn from a professional! How to prepare Delicious O-nigiri rice balls and Miso soup

January 21st (SUN) 10:30AM-12:30PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

The very basic of Japanese home cuisine: O-nigiri rice balls and miso soup!
How do they prepare them, the professionals?

We are going to prepare brown rice onigiris and miso soup with veggies. 

Fee: 1000 yen

What to bring: an apron, a sling (for hair), a hand towel, and a washcloth *you will be asked 200 yen if you forget to bring towels


Hakama Try-On

February 23rd (FRI) 10:30AM-12:30PM
at Kanagawa Chiku Center

Hakama is a sort of skirt version of kimono. It’s easier to move. 

Fee: For those who wear Hakama 500 yen
For those who want to put hakama on others 500 yen

What to bring: Those who wear hakama: tabs socks, 3 towels, a hadajuban underwear or a camisole, and a susoyoke underwear or leggings

Those who want to put hakama on others: a set of Hakama (feel free to ask us if you don’t have any)

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

[SHOPPING] Mammies Hours Project

We would like to introduce you Mommies Hours Project, which is for sick children and their family and friends.

Official website:
FB page

Here's the message from the founder (English translation follows):

自身の経験をもとに、市販されていないカテーテルケースを販売しています。I am selling CV catherter cases, which are not sold at stores, through my own experience.

Mommies Hours Shop is an online shopping site to support children fighting against sickness and their families. I am selling items like CV catheter cases, which are not easily found at stores, and items that necessary for sick children who need long treatment, but caretakers have to make by themselves in the current situation (where they can't find any at stores).

About gifts for sick kids

Most of the customers who purchase the catheter cases at Mommies Hours Shop are caretakers of sick children who have to get through long treatment. 
I propose "gifts for sick kids", that I found really helpful through my experience with sick children. I also donate a part of the profit to lodging facilities for sick children and their family. I would like to continue this project under a motto "A little bit (of time and effort)...but for good". 


Although I asked around support in various fields, there's no way but to run the project by myself at the moment. I created the website alone at the hospital where my son had medical treatment and started this Mommies Hours Project. The updates, photo shooting and production of the items are all done by one person, except for a sewing crew. 

[EVENT] Upcoming Events in Yokohama (Fall 2017)

*The images were captured from the official sites.


Kanagawa Milk Festival 2017
September 9th (SAT)11:00-15:00
Nipponmaru Memorial Park (Minatomirai)

Vietnam Festa in Kanagawa
September 16th and 17th
Nihon Odori, Kanagawa Prefecture Hall, Zou no hana Park&Terrace etc...

Satoyama Garden in Autumn
(the re-opening of the flower garden from the Yokohama Garden Necklace Fair in spring)
September 22nd (FRI) to October 22nd
Admission Free

Daddy Daughter Dance 2017
September 23rd (SAT)
at Zou no Hana Terrace

Naka Multicultural Festa 2017
September 24th (SUN) 11:00-15:30
at Kaiko Kinen Kan (Jack)
Dances, performances, speeches in Japanese by foreign-related children, snack stands, imported items, craft workshops for kids etc...
*The English page hasn't been available (09/06).

How To Put Out Your Garbage And Recyclables
International Mothers Gathering in Hodogaya "Piccolo"

September 26th (TUE) 10:30-11:30
at Iwama Shimin Plaza


*Halloween events will be updated in another post.

Come together to Ger (Mongolian tent house)

October 1st (SUN) to 9th (MON) 9:30-17:00
at Yokohama Museum of EurAsian Cultures

Constructing a ger (Oct. 1st 9:40-)
Deconstructing a ger (Oct 9th 16:30-)
Trying on Mongolian costumes, Mongolian music etc...



November 19th (SUN) 10:00-15:00
at Iwama Shimin Plaza
IMCY will have a booth as the past years. We will sell handmade items, imported goods etc., and a workshop for families! Details will be announced later.

Naka Ward Book Festa
November 21st(WED) and 25th (SAT)14:00-14:30
at Nonbirinko (Naka ward Childcare Support Base)
For families with 0-3 years old kids (20 families each time)
A librarian will talk about the importance and pleasure of picture books for children. English and Chinese interpreters will be there.
No reservation required.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[EVENT] YC&AC Bon Odori Festival 2017

YC&AC is having a Bon Odori Festival in August.
Here's the information by YC&AC:

On the weekend of August 5th and 6th from 5pm to 9pm we will be holding our annual Bon Odori festival and this year it will be bigger and better than ever. This year there will be:
-Food and beverage stalls: BBQ hamburgers/hotdogs, nagashi somen, yakitori, okonomiyaki, Chinese dumplings and many more.
-Traditional Bon dancing.
-Fun games and prizes including target shooting, basketball challenge, ball throwing and more.
-A traditional watermelon cracking game at 5:30pm (both days).

And YC&AC is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2018!!

Monday, July 17, 2017

[NEWS] Fire Ants Found in Yokohama

Fire ants have found in various places (mostly international ports) in Japan recently. And they were also found in Honmoku Pier, Yokohama.

The Japan News:
Over 500 fire ants found in Yokohama

Press release by the city (PDF in Japanese)
Report on the fire ant investigation at Yokohama port (July 14th, 2017)

(quote and translation from the report)
When you find fire ant, stay away and don't touch or try to break the nest.
When you were stung by fire ants, stay calm and rest for about 20-30 minutes. If it gets worse, go immediately to the doctor's.  Tell the doctor that you were stung by fire ants and you might have an anaphylaxis.

Other fire ants news in Japan:

Nikkei Asian Review:
Fire ant scare gives Japanese pesticide stocks a boost

About the fire ant

National Institute for Environmental Studies
Solenopsis invicta

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

[SPORTS] Yokohama Outdoor Swimming Pools and Baby-friendly Pools in Kanagawa(2017)

The outdoor swimming season is coming!

You can search your closest outdoor swimming pools here (choose your language (言語)from the list (English is 英語)).

*The opening hours and dates depend on each pool. Mostly from July 9th to September 4th.

*You may be able to bring your young children who haven't finished potty training to the pool for free, but they can't enter the water for hygiene reasons.

*Kishitani Park, Yokodai South Park and Morimachi Park have an inflatable pool for young children with diaper.

*Honmoku Citizen's Pool is always closed. They're considering the reconstruction as the facility is getting too old (they're also considering the reconstruction of Yokohama Pool Center).

Looking for baby-friendly swimming pools?

Kodomono Kuni Pool
They ask caretakers to use swim diaper for kids who haven't finished potty training and to check the inside frequently;-)

Tsujido Kaihin Park Jumbo Pool
Kujira no umi (くじらの海Whale's Sea) and Taki no pool (滝のプールWater Fall Pool) accept swim diapers. Both are a sort of water-play yard.Young kids under/before potty training can't use other pools including the toddlers' pool.

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun
If your children are not potty-trained yet, they can put on the swim diaper and swim suit over it. You can buy swim diapers at the shop there. You cannot bring them into the bath area (Mori no Yu: where you are supposed not to wear swim suit).

Sagamiko Pleasure Forest 
Jabujabu Paradise
This is not a swimming pool but a water-play yard, so you don't have to wear swim suit. Young children must wear swim diaper if they haven't finished potty training and can play only at the toddlers' area.

Oiso Long Beach
The same condition as Yunessun (swim diaper and swim suit).

Hilton Odawara Resort and Spa
Bade Zone
You can bring children over 1 year old with swim diaper. Babies under 1 year old are not accepted.